Sometimes it takes me a little while to catch on to the obvious. Despite many examples of her gift, I didn’t realize my mom was a writer until I was in high school. But, when I finally caught on, I began to regularly seek her feedback and input on my own writing. Like any good editor, she has never done the work for me, instead she pushes me to find my own voice and speak it with clarity. 

A few weeks ago, I realized that I wanted to share her voice with you. When I asked her to write a guest post (without giving her a single prompt or topic suggestion), she agreed. And, boy did she ever BRING IT with this one. Without further ado, my beautiful mom…

By: Carol Carter

I am a list-maker and goal-setter. I like checking tasks off as I complete them – and stay pretty focused on how I am progressing toward the accomplishment of my plans. Those traits are part of my relationship with the Lord, too. I usually have at least one scripture reading plan I follow. I have a morning and evening time set aside to prepare for and debrief my day with God – as well as lots of “emergency meetings” with the King of Heaven regarding unforeseen events of the day. There is a rhythm and reliability to these practices that provide stability in a world that is constantly changing.

But thankfully, God Almighty calls to me often, at unexpected times and through surprisingly everyday situations and people, to remind me that I am standing on holy ground. Do I hear His voice audibly? No. But the call is unmistakable. I am brought up short – literally to a standstill. “Take off your shoes, Carol. I am here. I am at work. This is what I am about.”

It happened when I witnessed the husband tenderly walk his wife with Alzheimer’s Disease down the corridor of nursing home, guide her gently to the table and encourage her to take another bite at dinner. The love reflected in his eyes for his beloved reflected the Author of love. My breath caught in my chest. My eyes filled with tears. Too precious to behold.

It happened when He used a speaker at a conference to nudge me out of my complacency last summer. Mama Maggie Gobran’s humility and selflessness awakened my own awareness of my pride and vanity in a way that was God-driven. I was not browbeaten or shamed, but provided a place of holy surrender.

Sometimes it has been in the glimpse of Him through nature. Other times it has been in the wonder of watching my children and grandchildren grow. The beauty of holy ground is that it is the Master’s doing. Not my making. Not my plan. But His intervention into and through my world – pointing out to me that He is there, meeting me, leading me, redeeming me. With me. 

When was the last time you found yourself on holy ground? We would love to hear!

Carol is the Executive Director of a Senior Living Facility in Pennsylvania. She is an amazing mom and Nana, and although she doesn’t swim in free time, I’m hoping she will share her beautiful voice here from time to time. (Hint, hint, mom!)

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  1. April Campbell Reply

    What a beautiful post. Thank you so much for sharing, Carol. I love the idea of taking our shoes off….because we are on holy ground. It has me thinking and wondering how it might change my view of life if I literally took my shoes off every time I discovered I was on that holy ground.

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