Sometimes it happens when I’m struck by beauty. Sometimes it happens when I see truth. And sometimes it happens when I can literally feel the movement of the Spirit.

I get the chills. Little bumps arise on my arms, and tiny hairs stand to attention. A whisper of touch rapidly slides from the base of my spine to the top of my neck, causing my entire torso to involuntarily quiver. And my heart, oh my heart…it beats joy, excitement and anticipation.

I was nine or ten the first time I remember being moved to chills. It was Easter time in the late 1980s, and my mom was cleaning our house. She had the music blaring. The first few notes of the song caused me to pause and listen.

Just a few moments later it happened, I got the chills.

  • Did the grass sing?
  • Did the earth rejoice
  • To feel you again?
  • Over and over like a 
  • Trumpet underground,
  • Did the earth seem to pound:
  • “He is risen!”

My prayer for all of us this Easter is that we feel Him. He is risen! Happy Easter!

What gives you the chills?

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  1. Carol Carter Reply

    I get the chills with a fresh awareness that I am loved….by God Almighty…by my family…by my friends.

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