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Yes, you read that right. This yoga teacher is begging you! Please, do NOT set a New Year’s Resolution to exercise regularly! Why? Don’t I care about your health and wellness? Don’t I want you to feel better, have more energy and experience less pain?

Of course I do! But exercise alone just isn’t the solution. Our body has both movement and alignment requirements. Not only is exercise incapable of satisfying our movement needs (just like it doesn’t work to eat all of your calories for the week in just three to five meals), it doesn’t teach us to restore healthy alignment (and often makes it worse)!

I have wonderful news for those of you who’ve struggled to make your health a priority in the past. It is much easier than you think to get aligned and moving! I’ve created a completely FREE 30-day email class to show you exactly how.

Barefoot FINAL

Each class email is short and sweet. First we talk about what healthy alignment in that part of the body looks like. Then I give you a single exercise you can do, in the middle of your typical day, in under three minutes! Of course you’ll need to slide off your shoes and sometimes grab a chair or a towel, but these exercises are all designed to be done quickly and easily wherever you find yourself. (Stay-at-Home Yoga Premium members will have access to a class page that contains videos demonstrating each of the exercises. You can start a 14-day FREE trial today and have access to those as well!)

At the end of this boot barefoot camp, you will have a full repertoire of movements that you can do throughout your day. You have nothing to lose and your health and wellness to gain. Go ahead, sign up now. You’ll get your first class email the morning after you sign up!

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Here’s the class schedule:

Day 1: Regular Movement > Exercise
Day 2: Toes
Day 3: Arches
Day 4: Heels
Day 5: Ankles
Day 6: Calves
Day 7: Knees
Day 8: Hamstrings
Day 9: Quads
Day 10: Glutes
Day 11: Inner Thighs
Day 12: Outer Thighs
Day 13: Pelvis
Day 14: Pelvic floor
Day 15: Sacrum & Sacroiliac joint
Day 16: Piriformis
Day 17: Psoas
Day 18: Core
Day 19: Spine
Day 20: Rib Cage
Day 21: Intercostals
Day 22: Arms
Day 23: Wrists
Day 24: Elbows
Day 25: Shoulder
Day 26: Neck
Day 27: Jaw
Day 28: Head
Day 29: Gait & Walking
Day 30: Relaxation

Let’s make 2014 the year we dramatically improve our health and wellness! I’m cheering you on! You can do this!

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