Do you know how to “dress for the day?” Do you use your clothing as a tool, instead of a shield? Until recently, I wasn’t very purposeful about my style choices. With some help and inspiration from two amazing women, I’ve discovered the joy of intentional style. Abby Barnhart and Nicole Otchy are my  guests for Episode Three of the Intentional Chatter Podcast.

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My Guests:

“dress for the day” with Abby Barnhart at You can also connect with her on twitterFacebook and Instagram. (She is also the best wordsmither around!)


Nicole Otchy is a Boston based personal stylist on a mission to help you find your personal style, get you out of the dressing room, and on to a good life. She empowers her clients by giving them the tools they need flatter their shape, dress with freedom in their daily life, and shop with confidence for years to come. There’s a good life waiting in the bottom of your closet. She’d love to help you find it! Connect with Nicole through her blogFacebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Pictures, Links & Resources:

Abby's original "dress for the day" picture

Abby’s original “dress for the day” picture

My daughter's pattern mixing in our pregnancy announcement picture

My daughter’s pattern mixing in our pregnancy announcement picture

This is the picture I sent Nicole while I was stuck in bed with a back injury. Couldn't move, but loved what I was wearing. (My son wanted to show her what he was wearing, too!)

This is the picture I sent Nicole while I was stuck in bed with a back injury. Couldn’t move, but loved what I was wearing. (My son wanted to show her what he was wearing, too!)

AE's floral print mixing on display

AE’s floral print mixing on display

Abby’s favorite style blogs:
Nicole’s favorite style blogs:


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This article has 11 comments

  1. Katie Reply

    Wow. That scarf-tying video is amazing. Did you read the behind the scenes post on how they made it? So cool.

    I love my scarves, but haven’t been wearing them lately because between grasping baby fingers and voluminous baby spit-ups, they just don’t seem to be very practical. Maybe if they were machine washable.

    This was fun, ladies! Thank you!

    • Jennifer Hoffman Reply

      No, I didn’t read that…yet. I’ll go and look for it now. It was amazing. Thankfully, the spitting up has drastically reduced for my little man, so I don’t have too much to worry about there. I find it super convenient to use my scarf to discretely nurse, too.

  2. Katie Reply

    The link to the how-we-made-it post is in the description of the video. So complicated.

    T-Rex seems to think that spitting up is a competitive sport and he’s training for a spot on the Olympic team. -_- He also dislikes having anything over his head while nursing, but I did use a scarf for that purpose a few times in his first month or so.

    • Jennifer Hoffman Reply

      Both of my kids could have won Olympic goal in that sport, Katie! hahaha With AE, she was still spitting up a fair amount through her entire first year. So, I was pleasantly surprised when LM’s spitting up drastically reduced around 8 months of age. Hopefully T-Rex is more like him than her!

      And, I wanted to clarify, LM is also very anti having anything on his head. I use the scarf to cover my own otherwise exposed skin. 🙂

  3. Katie Reply

    Oh man, I hope he lets up soon! It is gross.

    Perhaps if I had been able to work the scarf better when he was younger it would have worked, but he’s now at the grabby stage where nothing within arm’s reach stays in place.

    Case in point, he just decided I wasn’t allowed to type while nursing, twisted around, and shoved the keyboard out of my lap. Sigh. 🙂

    • Jennifer Hoffman Reply

      Oh yes, we don’t call LM “Grabby McGrabbers” for nothing. My favorite recent grabbing incident involved him pulling the (full of clean dishes) wire drying rack off the counter, and dropping it on the floor – when I was trying to clean the kitchen with him in the ergo. They don’t seem to have the same priorities as us, huh?

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  6. Sara @ GaijinMom Reply

    I looked at this yesterday, just before I came down with a wicked fever and suspected adult hand-foot-mouth disease. Thank you! I’m certain I feel 10x better in my cotton summer dress and leggings than I would have in my sweats! (Especially with my hair washed and dried!) 😀

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