The Lowdown on this Pose
Increases Flexibility Of: - n/a
Strengthens: - n/a
Anatomical Benefits: - helps reduce fatigue
- eases jet lag
- restores healthy blood blood pressure and respiratory function
- stimulates parasympathetic nervous system
- stimulates abdominal organs
- may help improve fertility
- improves immunity and speeds healing when ill
Mental & Emotional Benefits: - helps restore and cultivate inner calm
- reduces stress
Contraindications: - pregnant women should practice in a side-lying position (as shown in video)
- if you have sinus or respiratory issues, practice with the torso elevated on a bolster
Yoga Practices with this Pose
- Yoga for Desk Jockeys Classes
- Work Hard, Rest Deeply Classes
- Lower Body Classes
- Middle Body Classes
- Upper Body Classes
Read more on the blog: - pose basics
- relaxation meme
- teaching Savasana to kids
- for heart health
- an afternoon Savasana break
- a habit of intentional rest
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