This isn't your average exercise program!


Ease tension and reduce body aches and pains.
Improve your physical strength and flexibility.
Increase your grit, resilience, creativity and joy.
Up-level your health and well being.


Important: This is a digital product. No physical goods are included. All course material are electronically delivered.


Yes, your membership comes with one-year of access to a 500+ video class library. There are

  • 30-minute and hour-long classes, 
  • 10 - 20 minute short-practices - perfect for starting or ending your day, and 
  • 5-minute exercises to help you reduce sedentary time and be more active throughout your day.
The videos alone aren’t what make this program work. If I just turned you loose on a large library of classes, you (like 82% of people) wouldn't use least not with the consistency and regularity that would bring about lasting change.
How I deliver on-demand virtual personal training services and keep you focused, on track and making steady progress:
500+ Video Library

Videos are organized by both class length and class topic. Full library of 60-minute, 40-minute, 30-minute, 20-minute, 10-minute and 5-minute videos to meet all of your exercise and movement needs!

  • Weekly Action Plan Emails
  • I'll serve you a well balanced "movement nutrient diet" each week in the "Healthy Moving Buffet" email, with class length options to fit your schedule.
Training Protocol Tracks​​​​

Exercise protocols based on your health and wellness goals. There are 42 tracks for the everything from the neck and shoulders, back, core and pelvic floor, knees and feet to sleep, aging, chronic pain, stress and energy.

Group Challenges

During our group challenges, you’ll spend about five minutes each morning learning the daily challenge. Then, you’ll weave the exercise into your day, striving to do it five times throughout the day. So simple and yet so powerful!

  • Personalized Feedback
  • You won't be at home wondering if you're doing the exercises correctly. During the challenges, I host weekly live Q & As so you can ask questions. Plus, every other month, you are encouraged to submit a photo or video for feedback.
Private Group Community​​​​

This community of likeminded individuals will inspire and encourage you! It is also a wonderful place to ask questions and get support.

Special Bonus!

Food Relationship Reboot Course

Lifetime Access

(Value $97)

Break free from unhealthy diet culture and learn to follow and honor your body's signals! This course will help you:

See Your Body In a Whole New Way

We start the course with a module on learning to respect your amazing body. This body image work will help you in all aspects of your health and wellness!

Learn to Distinguish Hunger, Fatigue and Emotional Signals 

Next you'll discover the nuances in your body's signals. You'll get clear on your body's distinct physical sensations for hunger, fatigue. and emotions (like fear, sadness and even joy). 

Discover New Healthy Moving Practices and Flows

Movement is a powerful tool for easing fatigue and processing emotion. These exercise flows will help reduce the physical sensations that are often mistaken as hunger or food cravings.


I'm a busy working wife and mom of three kiddos. I know firsthand how hard it is to make time for exercise and self-care. I've failed as many times as (maybe MORE times than) you! But, I have grit and perseverance, and I keep getting back up again!

I want to help you do the same!

In my 18 years as
a registered yoga teacher (eRYT-500) and certified personal trainer (RES-CPT), I've taught an alignment-based approach to exercise and movement to thousands of students.

I've also studied the science of behavior change.

I will teach you more than just a list of exercises. I will help you build new life-long, healthy habits that serve you personally, professionally and relationally! 


Is it for me?

How much time will it take?

What kind of results can I expect?

Is the cost of this program reimbursable by my employer or healthcare plan?

Is there 1:1 time with you Jen?

What happens after I register?

How frequently do you run challenges?

There is another human growing in my belly right now. Do you offer prenatal modifications?

What are the technical requirements to participate?

Do I need any props or equipment?

Tell me about your certifications, Jen. Are you the real deal?

Does this program include the the a La Carte Bundles, Workshops and Homeschool Curriculum as well? 

What is the refund and cancellation policy?

How does the quarterly installment payment plan work?


It is my one year anniversary with this program! I lurked in and around the Healthy Moving Community for years before I decided to take the plunge and join the Coaching and Challenge Program. I am now kicking myself for waiting so long! What Jen has to offer is phenomenal. I am actually doing the exercises several times a day now instead of just reading about them. This program shows me exactly how to do them and where to weave them in. The daily spoon feeding Jen gives is brilliant and is just what I needed. She is always available to help. Now that I am feeling better, I am making healthier choices in all areas of life. I feel better now in my forties than I ever did in my 30’s. I owe a huge thank you to Jen Hoffman ...I am so grateful!

Rhonda, Iowa
Megan Tietz, Host of the Sorta Awesome Podcast

Jen has been a gentle guide in helping me unlock the secret to recovering from a body trauma. She taught me how to accept my own feelings without judging them, to just feel them for what they are without feeling like I must immediately rectify any negative feelings.

It's such a different kind of health program...I absolutely recommend the Healthy Moving Program to all my friends and family.

Lauren Gaggioli

I have loved this challenge and was already getting so much value out of it. Then, I had a private session with Jen. Getting that personalized wisdom was so amazing. Jen was able to peg exactly what I needed, and even though I’m only 2 days into executing the movement plan she gave me…I feel like a different person.





Includes One-Year of Access to:

  • 500+ Video Class Library
  • 42 Personal Training Protocol "Tracks" For All of Your Health and Wellness Goals
  • 5 Six-Week Challenges
  • 3 30-Day Challenges
  • Weekly Live Q&A's with Jen during Challenges
  • 6 Photo/Video Feedback Emails / Year
  • PDF Exercise Guides to download and keep forever
  • ​BONUS: Full Healthy Moving Action Pack Library
  • BONUS: Private Facebook Group
  • BONUS: Accountability Partner Matching
  • BONUS: 50% Discount on all Workshop Series Courses
  • BONUS: Lifetime Access to Food Relationship Reboot Course

Total value of $5,000 / year!

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Lifetime Access to:

Food Relationship Reboot Course (Value $97)

Installment Payment Plan

Most Flexible! 

4 Quarterly Payments

$247/ Quarter

100% Safe & Secure

Single Payment

Best Value!

*Includes 15-Minute 1:1 Phone Call with me **


100% Safe & Secure


If you decide the program isn't for you, no problem! Just email within 10-days of registering, for a full refund.

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