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Overwhelm Class Series

These classes will give you powerful, effective tools in the fight against overwhelm!

With 8 different classes included, one is sure to fit your needs! When you register, you'll get access to TWO 20-Minute Overwhelm to Action Classes, TWO 20-Minute Overwhelm to Rest Classes, TWO Relaxation Practices,  and TWO Walking Meditations.

Sign Up Today to learn my favorite exercises if you struggle with:

  • ​Feelings of overwhelm
  • ​Spinning your wheels, not knowing where to start
  • Turning to unhelpful numbing out practices (like mindless internet or TV time, shopping, eating or drinking alcohol)
  • Sleep issues related to stress and overwhelm

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Jen Hoffman, Healthy Moving Founder and Creator

Certified Personal Trainer-Restorative Exercise Specialist, Registered Yoga Teacher (eRYT-500)

I'm a busy working wife and mom of three kiddos. I know firsthand how hard it is to make time for exercise and self-care.​

But, I'm passionate about helping you crack that code, so you can achieve lasting change!

In my 15+ years as a registered yoga teacher and certified personal trainer, I've taught an alignment-based approach to exercise and movement to thousands of students.

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