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This Month's Theme:

Stress Relief

If your past holiday seasons have been full of stress and sickness instead of joy and peace, you need to take some simple steps TODAY to take care of Future You.

This month's free classes will help you do just that. Let me show you my favorite stress-relieving exercises and practices today, so you're ready for the inevitable holiday stress! 

With 4 different classes included, one is sure to fit your schedule! When you register, you'll get access to a 24-Minute Morning Stress Relief and Grounding Class, a 22-Minute Evening Stress Buster Class, an 8-Minute Neck & Shoulder Short Practice,  and a 1-Hour Stress Relief Class.

Sign Up Today to learn my favorite exercises to help you:

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    ​Shift your mood and restore a sense of calm
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    ​Bust through overwhelm
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    Release muscle tension from chronic stress
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    Boost lymphatic flow to ward off cold and flu germs
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    Stay relaxed even in the face of holiday stress

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Jen Hoffman, Healthy Moving Founder and Creator

Certified Personal Trainer-Restorative Exercise Specialist, Registered Yoga Teacher (eRYT-500)

I'm a busy working wife and mom of three kiddos. I know firsthand how hard it is to make time for exercise and self-care.​

But, I'm passionate about helping you crack that code, so you can achieve lasting change!

In my 15+ years as a registered yoga teacher and certified personal trainer, I've taught an alignment-based approach to exercise and movement to thousands of students.

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