Episode 47 - Square

Today I’ve got some investment advice for you. Don’t worry, I’m not recommending any stocks or bonds. I do have some ideas about things you can do today to help promote your health and wellness for years to come. Plus, in our Community Insight segment, Sybil is joining me to share her action plan for weaving more movement into her life this fall. If you’ve battled chronic pain, depression, anxiety, overwhelm or even less than stellar eating habits, prepare to be inspired by her story and insights!

And, if you’re ready to make a small investment of time and money that will pay a huge dividend on your health and wellness both today and for years to come, check out the Coaching & Challenge Program. Our next challenge begins this Sunday, September 4th!

30-Day Sept Start

Show Notes and Links:

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  1. Angela Gordon Reply

    This was a great episode for me. Everything lately seems to be telling me to make time to move more and I try, really I do but always after a few days something gets in the way.

    Like now I’m thinking I should sign up for your next challenge BUT we leave UK to return to Florida on 09/20 and 8 days later set off on a six week 6,000 mile road trip around the western USA. When we are traveling we do get in loads of walking but no time for any other exercise.

    Then we return to Florida for about a month of sailing and then back to UK in December, just in time for Christmas. Perhaps that would be a good time to start one but now I’m wondering if I’m just procrastinating again!

    • Jen @ Healthy Moving Reply

      First of all, what an amazing adventurous fall you are going to have! How wonderful! But about your question, send me an email. I’d be happy to hop on the phone for a quick chat about your circumstances, motivation, timing, etc. xo

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