Neck & Shoulder Class Bundle

Our modern habits create so much neck and shoulder tension. The classes in this bundle will help you get to the "root" of that tension, and build the muscle length and strength you need to end the discomfort!

Lifetime Bundle Access -
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$119 $39.97

Neck and shoulder tension isn't just a pain in the neck...

It can also lead to jaw pain, tension headaches and decreased thyroid and lymphatic system ​function. 

Frequent trips to the massage therapist, acupuncturist or chiropractor can be quite expensive.

So, I created this bundle to make help accessible!

What's Included?

  • With the One-Hour Neck & Shoulder Class, you'll have fun moving through a series of exercises to support your neck, shoulder and whole-body health!  (Value: $19.97)
  • The 15-minute Floor Short Practice can be done down on your mat OR in your bed to reduce upper body tension. (Value: $9.97)
  • In the 22-minute Standing Flow Class, you move through a series of exercises to reduce neck and shoulder tension, and restore healthy whole-body alignment. (Value $9.97)
  • In the 20-minute Table and Kneeling Class, you'll ease tension and build upper body strength, all while increasing energy! (Value $9.97)
  • In the 30-minute Upper Body class you learn exercises to release neck & shoulder tension, build upper body strength, support healthy breath mechanics, ease tension headaches, and support breast health. (Value $19.97)
  • The 30-minute Table Strong Flow Class includes a wonderful exercise protocol for those looking to support pelvic floor, core, back, upper body and heart health. (Value: $19.97)
  • BONUS: The Workstation Action Pack includes five exercises you can do at your desk to promote knee, hip, pelvic floor, core, back, neck and shoulder health. It also comes with a one-page printable of all of the exercises that you can hang at your desk. ($29.97)

The seven classes in the bundle are valued at over $119, but they are bundled together so you can save over 85% and get lifetime access to this bundle for just $39.97!

Neck & Shoulder Bundle

Lifetime Access - Single Payment

$119  $39.97

100% Safe & Secure


If you decide the class isn't for you, no problem! Just email within 30-days of purchasing, for a full refund.


What level of experience is this program for?

All levels! I teach poses and exercises progressively, first sharing the most basic alignment information. Then, I add layers of complexity for more experienced students.

What happens after I register?

You will receive a welcome email with all of your course links and information. 

Can I purchase this class bundle as a gift for someone else?

Sure! You can purchase a gift certificate for this bundle HERE. You'll receive a PDF Gift Certificate and gifting instructions immediately after your purchase.

I am already a Coaching & Challenge Program Member, is this course included in my membership?

Yup! This bundle (and the classes included) are part of the Coaching & Challenge Program member library. You can access the bundle or individual classes when logged in. Feel free to email if you'd like direct links to the classes.

I have purchased Healthy Moving courses in the past and already have a username and password. Can I use the same account for this purchase?

Absolutely! If you have purchased other Healthy Moving courses and programs, just use the email associated with your current account when purchasing, and we'll add this bundle to it. Then you can access all of your content under one username.

There is another human growing in my belly right now. Do you offer prenatal modifications?

Congratulations! I sure do. In fact, I’m pregnant in many of the videos on the site. It is so important to move your body during pregnancy, and I’m here to support you on that journey!

What are the technical requirements to participate?

You will need a high-speed internet connection to stream the videos. 

Will I receive a DVD or any other physical product with this purchase? Can I download the videos?

This is a digital product. And all of the class videos are available for streaming only. You will be able to access them with the username and password you set up with your purchase. Additionally, you can download any PDFs that come with your bundle.

Tell me about your certifications, Jen. Are you the real deal?

I am a Certified Personal Trainer-Restorative Exercise Specialist™ (CPT-RES™), a Registered Yoga Teacher (eRYT-500) with Yoga Alliance and a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. I’m also a certified Restorative Yoga Teacher, and I have completed prenatal yoga training.

Neck & Shoulder Bundle

Lifetime Access - Single Payment

$119  $39.97

100% Safe & Secure


If you decide the class isn't for you, no problem! Just email within 30-days of purchasing, for a full refund.

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