If you want to truly transform your health, it isn’t enough to exercise. You have to look at how you move and position your body all day long. In these workshop courses you will learn how Healthy Moving can relieve aches and pains and improve the health and function of your body...all while reducing stress and energizing you!

All Healthy Moving programs are built around a simple truth: By making small adjustments to how you move throughout your day, you can dramatically improve how you feel in and about your body. (And when you feel better, you're entire life is better!)

Three Deep Dive Workshops Available:



In this deep dive course you will discover what continues a healthy core and how to get one. You'll learn exercises to recover from core injuries such as diastasis recti or hernia and build a strong and supple core that supports your whole body health.



In this deep dive course you will discover how to improve your knee health and relieve pain and inflammation. You'll learn exercises and alignment information to help keep your knees healthy for decades to come! 



In this deep dive course you will learn how to improve your pelvic floor health and relieve symptoms such as inconvenient inconvenience, organ prolapse, radiating nerve pain, sacroiliac joint pain and decreased sexual function. Expecting moms will also find this work helps to support a healthy birth.



In this deep dive course you will discover how to build a stronger, more functional foot. You will gain an understating of the mechanics of and potential complications from bunions. And, you'll learn exercises to support a healthier foot! 


Deep-Dive Workshop Class: These approximately 2-hour classes are not available anywhere else at HealthyMoving.com. You'll move your body while you learn the fundamentals of either core, pelvic floor, knee or foot health. (Value $150)

Three Levels of Daily Movement Challenge Videos: These 15-18 short videos are exercises you can do multiple times throughout the day. They are broken into three levels to help you safely progress to more advanced work. (Value $100)

Step-by-Step Comprehensive Plan (Downloadable PDF): This printable guide, demonstrating three levels of exercises, is yours to keep forever! (Value $50)

Access to a Private Facebook Community: Here you will be able to get group support and encouragement. (Value $50)

All of this content is bundled together for a savings of over 50% 85%! That’s $350 of content for just $97 $48.50!

Coaching Program Members Save 50% of the Regular Workshop Price of $97!

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