Yoga Practice Intention: Take Small Steps

Maybe there is a voice in your head that says, “If you can’t do it all right now, wait until you can.”  Don’t listen to that lie. Stomp it out with the truth that all progress, all growth, all change happens in increments. Harness the power of small steps

If you don’t have time for an hour-long practice, just do your favorite pose. Or your least favorite one. Or simply practice Savasana. Compare how you feel before and after. This is the key. This is how we harness the power of small steps…we notice it.

May the power you observe on the mat this week embolden small steps in every aspect of your life.

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  1. Jean Reply

    Jen, I’m so glad I found you! Saturday, I took a restorative class then did a search for Judith Lasater and found your interview with her! I’m signed up for your trial of Stay at Home Yoga and already I’m energized. This afternoon, I was exhausted but decided I could at least do a Mini Yoga Break and I didn’t want to stop! I did three. Then did Shavasana while the muffins baked (perfect timing). I’m a homeschooling Mom of three and have been trying to get a yoga practice going at home for many, many years. I really appreciate your approach; I coach parents in “small, doable changes” too (ever read the book Simplicity Parenting?)and small steps are really the answer. Love the concept “Move in the direction of…” Thank you so much.

    • Jennifer Hoffman Reply

      Oh Jean, this makes me so happy!!! Hooray! We are kindred spirits, I can already tell!! I want to learn more about your work. So wonderful! I absolutely love Simplicity Parenting!

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