Last week we talked about "Tech Neck." Today let's chat about "Tech Shoulders and Arms." 

Even when we step away from the computer or put down the phone, our arms and shoulders stay in that rounded or hunched forward position. 

​Of course that can cause pain and tension, or set us up for shoulder injuries, elbow pain or carpal tunnel issues.

It also impacts the flow of blood, lymph and electricity through the upper body. So it's not great for our circulation, immune system, or breast health

And, how's your mood, confidence and energy level when your slumped forward? Not great, right?

This exercise will help you release the tension and restore healthy arm and shoulder alignment - in just moments! 

Live Coaching & Accountability for my new movement program designed to address the tension and posture of tech users begins April 1st!

Registration closes March 31st. (This group will go through the program in April, and I'll take their feedback and add any new classes and videos this summer. Then, open it for registration again late summer/early fall - likely at a higher price. So, register now - you'll get lifetime updates to the program with your single payment now.) 

Check out the full Tech Body Fix Program here.

Registration Closes March 31st!


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