It’s mid January…perfect time for a goal chat! I’m going to share my best tips for overcoming obstacles and making progress! Come with a goal in mind that you are pursuing now OR one you’ve given up on. Here’s to an amazing 2018!

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  1. Teri Jo La Chonce Reply

    WHY WHY WHY don’t I stick to even the most simple goal! I am very fortunate to have been born with very good physical genes. People think I’m a health nut and work out daily. PFT! I’m at 15% of THAT. I just fail every day at doing what I tell myself to do. I deserve to make myself the best I can be, I don’t “deserve” that bag of candy and 2 liter of pop, or that hamburg meal, or to sit on my butt and watch t.v. with a bag of junk (like I tell myself every day when I want THOSE things). Now I’m consumed with the thought that if I see a hypnotist, THAT will motivate my brain to JUST DO IT. :/

  2. Rosanne Bowman Reply

    I think when I give up it’s because of perfectionism. I want to do everything at once and do it perfectly. I’m trying to remind myself if I exercise 3x a week when i was previously doing 0x, that’s still progress. I’m also trying to not try to do everything all at the same time, so this year I’m going to try to just implement one new habit at a time rather than just saying I can’t do it at all!

  3. Julie Tran Deily Reply

    I feel like you’re speaking to what I have been going through the last two years…signals and then crisis and full stop, now I listen to my body.

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