There are two primary things I need to get from my self-care - growth and comfort.

Growth practices push me. They challenge and strengthen my body, mind, and spirit and help me grow and evolve as a human being. 

Comfort practices ground me. They relax and soothe my body, mind, and spirit when the stress of life is overwhelming. 

It's a delicate balance to strike. And, a real skill to discern which one I need on a particular day. (I can always tell by my thoughts, words, and actions when I've neglected one need for too long.)

It's beyond helpful to have an inventory of simple self-care practices you can do in five minutes or less to meet your needs for comfort and growth. 

Here are two simple ones you can try out today. 

Growth Exercise - Standing Leg Extension

How to Do It:

Step 1: Let your right hip shift out to the side. Then, draw the right hip back in and down toward the floor, to raise the left foot off the ground.

Step 2: Keeping a neutral, stable pelvis and rib cage and the standing leg vertical (long and strong), press the left leg back and then release allowing it to swing forward.

The work here should be in the glute, not the back. If your glute is not firing, try poking, massaging, scratching, etc. for some neurological stimulation. 

Step 3: Extend the leg back and pulse for 5 - 8 reps, before releasing the left leg and repeating the same exercise on the other side.

BONUS: Add a little self-compassion mental work to the exercise. Think of a past mistake you are ready to forgive yourself for and "kick it behind you."

Where to Do It:

Weave this in throughout your day. Try it anywhere you are standing...while waiting for the tea kettle, the elevator, your turn in line at the store. It's also easy to do while washing your hands or doing the dishes.

Why Do It:

This exercise builds glute and hamstring strength. Both are essential for the health of your back, pelvic floor, hips and knees. 

Comfort Exercise - Color Spotting

How to Do It:

Choose a color of the day and look for it all day long. 

In addition to noticing things that are close to you, look as far into the distance as possible. The eye muscles relax when they are focused on something far away.

Where to Do It:

Try this on walks, road trips or days where stress and worry are making it hard for you to be present.

Why Do It:

Not only will this exercise ease tension in the eye muscles, it will also ground and relax you mentally and emotionally. 

Want More?

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