Episode 44 - Square

Don’t worry. This isn’t another show warning you about the effects of stress on your body. Today, Lauren Gaggioli joins me to talk about how we can use our bodies to ease our stress. And, I’m sharing one of my favorite stress-busting Healthy Moving exercises.

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Show Notes:

Stress-Busting Exercise: Psoas Release

Connect with Lauren at Higher Scores Test Prep, and listen to her podcasts: The College Checklist and The Unsexy Side.

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  1. Natalie Reply

    Thanks so much for posting that video! I am a big fan of your work and especially your podcast. As I was listening to the podcast, I just couldn’t visualize the movement you were describing. I can’t wait to try this now that I’ve seen it done. 🙂

  2. Angela Reply

    That looks like a wonderful psoas release and so clearly explained. I’m looking forward to trying this tonight. I may just end up asleep! Thank you for this Jen.

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