I am thrilled to debut a new podcast name and format today! I’m changing things up, because I want to help you blur the line between your yoga mat and your life. With regular, short but sweet episodes, The Only Yoga Podcast will equip you to move, and live, with intention!

Fresh Start | The Only Yoga Podcast
This week we are talking about fresh starts. Do you believe a Wednesday afternoon at [2:07] holds the power for a new beginning? I do…let me show you how. Plus, I answer a student question about where to get started with a new yoga practice.

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This week we are standing up!

1) Improve the way you get out of your chair with this yoga break.

2) Sit on the floor at least three times a day this week. Try to return to standing without using your arms. You can strengthen your legs and glutes with this yoga break.

Comment below and tell me…

Did you try the fresh start visualization? Where did you “travel” to?

Can you get up from the floor without using your arms and hands?

Do you have a question you’d like me to answer in a future episode?

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