Can you feel all the "fresh start" energy in the air this week?

We are about to start a new year, a new decade, and you might be feeling the pressure to do it "perfectly" with a fancy reflection and goal planning session. 

While that sounds lovely, I don't have time for it this week. (I was back at the doctor with my youngest again yesterday. Ugh. Winter germs go away!)

So, I'm reflecting and setting some goals right in the middle of my busy life. YOU can too! 

Step 1: Assess your current satisfaction level with the different aspects of your life. (Watch this five-minute video for more.)

Step 2: Reflect on the habits you've tried in the past. What worked, what didn't? (Watch this five-minute video to discover the three most common reasons your past habits didn't stick.)

Step 3: Set some goals! But not just any goals. In the final video in our series, I'm sharing a very specific kind of habit you should create. 

(You've likely heard this advice before. Watch this video and listen for the three reasons why you might not have done this even though you know you should.)

Want to work with me on achieving your goals in 2020?

Check out my Mindset Mastery Course! You can do it self-study or in a small coaching group. We start on Monday, January 6.

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