If you are craving a fresh start and some intentionality in the New Year, but feel overwhelmed at the prospect of a big reflection/planning process...I've got you covered!

This is video two in my Goal Setting for Real Life series. 

In video one, we checked in with our satisfaction level. Now, it’s time to reflect back on the actions and habits we’ve tried in the past.

This quick reflection process will ensure you don't hit the same roadblocks you've encountered in the past. 

What habits or actions have worked for you in the past? 

What hasn't worked? Were they habits that led to a lot of negative self-talk? Did you do mindset work to address your "leaky roof" first? Did you have the right kind of support? 

Take a few minutes to reflect back, so you are ready to make serious progress in the New Year!

Don't miss the the final video in this 3-part series here!

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