I recently shared on Facebook and Instagram that your body is FULLY worthy of love and respect today, and that you don't have to do anything to earn that.

You should not view exercise (or dieting) as tools for making your body more worthy.

And while that sounds good, several people have messaged me with important questions. 

What if there are aspects of my health that I'd like to improve?

How can I love and respect my body when there are things about it I need to change? 

Are only “healthy” bodies worthy of love and respect? 

I recorded a quick video to share how your level of health should impact the love and respect you have for your body.

If you consistently struggle with body image and self-care habits I'd love to work with you! My Mindset Mastery Course will help you dismantle your negative thoughts & beliefs and build a mind-body connection that allows you to fully harness your own power to change, grow and thrive! 

You can save $50 when you register before Thursday, October 31st!

Message me or comment below with any questions!

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