Yes, our use of technology *is* changing our bodies. We are hunched over our screens and experiencing...

  • Tech Neck (neck and shoulder pain resulting from our heads hanging forward)
  • Back and hip pain (from sitting in our chairs while we look at screens)
  • Cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer from being sedentary most of the day.

That is the bad news. But, there is good news. 

We don't have to give up our phones, desk jobs or our tech. There is a middle ground. We can live in this modern age AND feel great!

My Tech Body Fix Program is all about helping you do just that. 

This program gives you:

  • Alignment and anatomy information you need to understand how to be a wise tech user
  • Exercises and poses you can do WHILE using your tech - to use more muscles and reduce your sedentary time
  • Mat classes that are designed to address (and modify for) the tension and weakness patterns common in our modern sedentary world. 

Technology is making it easier and easier for you to be more and more sedentary. Let me help you enjoy all of the benefits of life in our modern, digital age AND thrive physically. 

Access the entire program FREE for 7-Days. All you need to register is an email address, and your access ends automatically at the end of 7 days. Easy peasy. 

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