Can you imagine if a "friend" said to you, "I'm sorry, but I can't trust/love/respect you until you lose ten pounds?"

You would (and should) be furious, right!? And I KNOW you would never say this to another human being.

But, you certainly aren't alone if you say this to your body. 

I hear from women every day who say they are trying to lose weight (or improve their health in some way) "to improve their body image."

It doesn't work that way! Body image doesn't change because your body changes.

I just posted a new quick video explaining how it does change AND why you need to move improving your body image up to the top of your priority list. 

So, you're ready to start this important work, right?! You can do this!

If you want my help, my Mindset Mastery Course is the program for you! It will help you dismantle your negative thoughts & beliefs and build a mind-body connection that allows you to fully harness your own power to change, grow and thrive! 

You can save $50 when you register before Thursday, October 31st!


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