Do you ever read those "How the most successful people start their day" lists, and feel overwhelmed? 

While it would be amazing to have an hour for reading, meditation, exercise, journalling or might not be able to imagine working that into your current morning routine.

But, that doesn't mean you can do any self care in the morning. 

In this week's Facebook Live Chat, I shared a simple, but powerful two-minute exercise you can do first thing in the morning (in your PJs) to:
  • Ease neck and shoulder tension, and 
  • Make your morning routine more efficient and peaceful.

If you loved my Genie Magic Neck Stretch, you have to try this one, too! 

Do it first thing in the morning for the next week, and report back. I want to hear how it helps you.

If you love this, be sure to take my full “No Time Self Care Solution” class. You can register for FREE here.

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