Hey you! You who has tried to “Just Do It” or “Do It Anyway.” You who has felt guilt and shame over some perceived lack of willpower or self-discipline.

Come close. I want to give you some love.

For some people - people like you and me - there is a force more powerful than even the strongest of wills. A force that binds and traps us. A force that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to just do it.

That force is our subconscious. It’s our deeply held thoughts and beliefs. Ideas we picked up a long time ago, that may have served us once, but are now sabotaging our success.

Beliefs like “I’m fundamentally broken. There’s something wrong with me, and no matter how hard I try, I’ll never be able to do it.” Or, “Failure is awful and final and the world might end if I fail.” Or, “I have to be perfect. I can only do things I know I can do perfectly.” Or, “I never do anything right. I always mess it all up.”

You can intellectually see the fault in those beliefs, but if there is a subconscious part of you convinced they are true, you will live smaller. 

You will not prioritize self care.

You will procrastinate on all of your goals.

You will remain stuck and frustrated and trapped in the toxic cycle of guilt and shame.

You will never be able to “just do it.”

Here’s the good news. You can step out of that trap. You can choose to bring these subconscious patterns into your awareness and rebuild them. And your body can help you do that.

This is my jam. Where I work. At the intersection of mindset and the body. And they way they impact and influence each other.

I have a whole course on this topic, but you can start with this free class.

If you read those beliefs up there and related to them at all, please register.

You won’t totally reshape them in 45 minutes, but you’ll start that journey. And you need to start it. We need you. You’ve got important work to do in our world.

Register here.

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