I practice and teach alignment-based yoga. In the Back to Basics series, I’m sharing the key points of alignment for the most commonly practiced yoga poses.

Poses of the Traditional Surya Namaskar (sun salutation):

I prefer to begin and end my sun salutes in downward facing dog. Then, I flow through them in the order below. I like to move very slowly and linger in each pose for several breaths. I complete an even number, so as to practice the lunge equally on both legs. You can also add a child’s pose at the end of each round or the completion of your sun salutations.

Standing Poses




Restorative Poses

Savasana (Relaxation)

I know it may seem like a lot, but 20 minutes is the minimum amount of time I suggest you allow for relaxation. (I personally practice a 30 – 40 minute Savasana). I believe this pose, more than any other on the mat, has the greatest power to rock your world! But, it takes the average person about 15 minutes just to get relaxed. So, I suggest 20 minutes so you can actually enjoy the feeling of being relaxed for 5 minutes.

Other Poses You’d Like To See?

I’ll regularly be adding poses to this series. So, if there is a particular pose you’d like me to include, please let me know in the comments or contact me here.

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  1. marilyn terzian Reply

    Jen, I loved what you said about Savasana.It really struck a chord. I will lay there for the first 10 min. with a thought floating thru my brain of why I should not be there, and what I should be doing instead! Am going to try hard not to do that, which will be an amazing feat at this time of year!

    Thanks so much for your wise insights.

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