What does it take to live an Intentional Life?

I’m on a mission to find out. That is the focus of this little corner of the internet. I’ve decided to ask the people who inspire me most how they live lives of Intention and Purpose, and I’m sharing the findings with you via my new podcast – Intentional Chatter.

Each episode, I will invite you to meet one of my Intentional Heroes – friends from the blogosphere and beyond – as we unpack the stories and the secrets of an Intentional Life. From parenting to practicing yoga and everything in between, there’s a lot to be said for living life with purpose.

Tomorrow evening, several of my girlfriends and I are recording the first episode! We will be talking about intentional friendship. It isn’t easy to develop and maintain close friendships as adults, but I’m so blessed to call these ladies my dear friends.

Do you have questions about intentional friendship you would like us to discuss? Comment below or tweet them to me with the hashtag #IntentionalChatter.

Episode 1 releases next week! I can’t wait to share it with you!

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  1. Joye Reply

    “What hurdles have you faced in building and maintaining friendships as an adult?” time; my inability (read: unwillingness) to open up to others; getting my husband to agree to a night out with “potential” friends; many of the people I used to spend time with now have children and I don’t and so we have drifted apart. I am comfortable in my routine and, as I”m sure you’ll discuss, making friends is hard work!

    • Jennifer Hoffman Reply

      Thank you so much, Joye! We will be sure to discuss how we overcame those specific obstacles. (I am so much like you, and I am so blessed to have found these ladies who gently but persistently pulled me into relationship despite the roadblocks!)

  2. brenda Reply

    do we need to sign up for the intentional podcast or is our email subscription sufficient?? SOUNDS GREAT AND I NEED IT!!!

    • Jennifer Hoffman Reply

      I am SO glad, Brenda! It should come to your email, but you can also subscribe through iTunes after the first episode launches. I’ll post again with those details just to be sure everyone knows exactly where to find it.

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