I like to finish things.

When I accomplish goals, I act as though I've just increased my worth. "Look at me, I did X. I'm more worthy of love and respect now because I finished this goal!"

When I'm working on something that feels impossible, I get overwhelmed and want to quit.

When I keep showing up for a goal but feel no closer to the finish line, I talk real nasty to myself. I question everything about my tolerance for the journey, my abilities, and my worth.

All of this results in what is often labeled as a motivation or discipline problem. But those labels are so unhelpful. (Shame does not create lasting habits.)

Here's what I have to acknowledge. Goals support priorities. And we don't "finish" priorities.

Example: A goal to do yoga every day supports a health and wellness priority. I'll never be done with my health and wellness. If I'm too focused on finishing, I'll just never show up to my mat.

To combat this overwhelm and self-sabotage, I do two things.

First, I get clear on the priority that my goals support. "This goal supports my health and wellness. I want to be healthy so I can show up fully for my life." 

Second, I notice how good I feel when I make time for my priorities every day

Journey > Destination. The small, daily steps feel good. And, it's good to feel good!


Thoughts create feelings. Feelings create actions.

If you want to change your habits, you have to unpack the thoughts that are creating (or sabotaging) them.

After almost a decade of teaching and coaching in the health and wellness space, I got tired of pushing an exercise model that didn't work.

(Most people struggle to move their bodies as much as "we" say you should. But "we" just keep telling folks to do it, hoping that if we say it loudly and with a stern enough voice it will stick.)

So, ten years ago, I set out to figure out *why* we struggle to take the best care of ourselves. Yes, I want to give you exercises that support your health and wellness, but I ALSO want to help you actually do them.

That's why I teach BOTH exercise AND mindset. We need both. 

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