This is part three in my series to reclaim the expression “self care.” (Check out the other posts in the series starting here.)

The last post was about comfort care - self care that helps you endure life's busy and demanding seasons. But the second kind of self care - growth care - has the power to pull you out of the muck and deliver you to an entirely new season.

Growth self care changes you. It sacrifices today’s comfort for tomorrow’s. It makes the choice to look your pain and your mistakes in the eye and learn all you can from them.

Change only happens for two reasons - crisis or new information.  You either change because you have *no other choice.* Or, you change because you *learn something new.*

Growth self care is about making the daily choice to learn. To seek new information. To expand. To find your blind spots.

Growth self care doesn’t insulate us from crisis. But it does make us more resilient in the face of it.

Just like the comfort care. Choose care that grows your mind and your body - at the same time. (This is my specialty, and what makes my programs unique. ?)

Take it in baby steps. Especially in the demanding seasons of life. 5 minutes a day.

Try this. Place your hands on the wall. Start to walk your feet away from the wall. As you are there, think about something hard or stressful that you are facing. Feel strength grow within you. You've got this.

This week is the start of my No-Time Self Care Challenge. This is a step-by-step program for self care that will comfort and grow you - right in the middle of life's busiest seasons. Register here.

Ok, one last post is coming your way in this series. Click here for a video about how you put all of this together.

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