I know it looks like everyone else has this whole exercise and self-care thing figured out. 

I know it feels like the problem is you. I often hear clients say things like "Well, it's my fault, I'm not doing the exercises my PT gave me, so it's on me." Or, "I know what to do, I just don't do it."

But, hear me now! You are not alone if you struggle to exercise, sleep, manage your stress, eat healthy foods, etc.

You don’t have a discipline problem. You aren’t broken. And you don’t need to feel a ton shame or guilt about your health.

The system is the problem.

We keep telling people the same things over and over (move more, eat healthy foods, get more sleep, manage your stress, etc), but we aren’t doing enough to figure out why it’s so hard to actually *do* those things.

I am committed to doing things differently here in this space. I want to help you with exercise and movement - absolutely! But, if I want you to actually do the stuff I teach, we *have to* talk mindset. Thoughts/beliefs create feelings. Feelings create actions.

I created the Coaching & Challenge Program for two primary reasons...

First, to give you a totally different approach to movement and exercise - an approach that is actionable, powerful and that prioritizes improving how you feel in AND about your body.

My goal is to help you improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being AND your body image with movement!

Second, to give women all the benefits of working with a personal trainer for a year at a fraction of the normal cost. My personal training clients usually meet with me once a week at $150/hour. A year's worth of sessions costs $7,800.

SO MANY women feel like failures in the exercise and self-care department, but it's not them - it's a lack of the right support. We ALL need the step-by-step plans, troubleshooting, motivating, nudging (sometimes pushing), and encouraging that comes from a personal trainer or coach.

But goodness, I don't know many women who have the money for weekly personal training sessions. I created the Coaching & Challenge Program to solve this problem.

Program Membership includes one year of access to:

✅ 500+ Video Class Library

✅ 42 Personal Training Protocol "Tracks" For All of Your Health and Wellness Goals

✅ 5 Six-Week Challenges

✅ 3 30-Day Challenges

✅ Weekly Live Q&A's With Me

✅ Special Limited Time Bonus: Lifetime Access to my Mindset Mastery Course

...It's like having a gym membership + weekly sessions with a personal trainer! All accessible from your home or office!

You can save $200 on a One-Year Membership when you register here before midnight Thursday, January 16!

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