Sarah is a busy working mom with three teenagers and a demanding job. Her mom passed away three years ago after a long battle with cancer, and she's been helping her dad move from the house she grew up in to a senior living community. 

She has dreams, passions and personal missions she'd love to realize.

On a phone call last fall after she joined my Coaching & Challenge Program, I asked her to tell me about her current health concerns. 

"Blah. That's the best way to describe it. I know I need to focus on it, but I don't have the time or energy to do so. Nothing is horribly wrong. My doctor recently ran a whole bunch of tests, and everything looks ok. But I just feel blah. Some aches and pains. Lack of energy. I look around and wonder, is this how everyone feels? Is it just part of the aging process? Or, is something wrong with me?"

As I dug a little deeper, it seemed the heart of Sarah's "blah" feeling is this nagging belief that she's not doing enough or doesn't have enough.

"I want to be a better wife, mom, daughter, boss, consultant, friend and citizen. But that's just too many balls to juggle. It's impossible. So, I end up doing nothing at all, and then I feel so much guilt about scrolling Facebook or Netflix binging instead of, you know...doing something that matters." 

That was five months go. Last week, we were doing a progress 1:1 session, and I asked for an update. 

"Jen, I can't believe the transformation I've experienced. I have less aches and pains, and more joy. My life and circumstances are the same, but I have everything I need to thrive in the midst of it all. That is creating an attitude of ease that is changing everything."

"And what is truly shocking to me," she continued, "it didn't take a ton of work. The work I have done in the program just has SO MANY BENEFITS. It serves me body, mind and soul." 

When she said that, I jumped up and down cheering, "YES!!!"

The belief that we have to do so much to get results holds us back. We don't need to do more, we just need to focus our energies on the actions that will pay the most dividends.

Ready to begin YOUR transformation?

Let me give you a step-by-step plan to thrive and the coaching to follow through! 

Registration for my Coaching & Challenge Program is open through February 28th only! ā€‹

I asked Sarah for permission to share her story, and she said I could on one condition...that I also shared her favorite mind and body practices from the program. 

LOVE that idea. 

Sarah's Favorite Mindset Practice

The harder something is, the more it requires my softness.

"You gave me this intention on our first call, and it comes to mind at least a dozen times a day. I thought I was joining this program to firm up my muscles. Turns out, I really needed to build my 'softness' muscle."

Sarah's Favorite Exercise

"After joining, you told me to start by committing to doing ONE exercise every day for a month, and suggested the psoas release. I've done it every day, usually right before bed, for over five months...thanks to your regular reminders as I was developing this new habit. It's the seed that all of my new mind body habits have grown from. I would challenge everyone to try it!"

Don't have a yoga bolster? No problem! You can use a couch cushion, rolled sleeping bag or folded blankets!

Let me be your on-demand, virtual personal trainer!

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