Movement in the Homeschool Classroom

When I was in school, learning and movement were separate parts of the day. Movement happened primarily on the playground. In classrooms, we were taught to sit still and pay attention. But, a growing body of research is showing the power of integrating movement in the learning process.

In today’s episode, Jean Miller, of Waldorf Inspired Learning, joins me to talk about the connection between movement and learning. As two homeschooling moms, we’ll share how and why we try to make movement a part of our homeschool day.

But, the lessons in this episode extend way beyond the home (and even traditional) classroom. Anyone looking to improve their creativity, comprehension, retention and problem-solving skills will be benefit from listening.

And, in the Community Insight Segment, Jean will talk about how weaving more movement into the fabric of her day has helped to both ease and prevent flare-ups of her autoimmune disease. We’ll share a simple shift you can make to how your arms move as you walk that can help improve your breathing and strengthen your upper body.

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Show Notes:

My guest today is Jean Miller, a mother of three, a longtime homeschooler, and the founder of Waldorf-Inspired Learning. Her passion is to help homeschooling Mamas weave the arts (including movement) and nature into their lessons. Want more ideas? Check out this post: Movement Games. You can visit Jean at

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