Our world is scary right now. And I have fallen into some old, unhelpful habits when it comes to how I'm responding to that fear.

The other day I realized that my constant itch to check the news was really a hidden desire to find something, anything that would convince me I don't need to be afraid.

And when I wasn't watching the news, I was numbing out. Distracting and busying myself in an attempt to ignore the fear.

Neither one of those strategies worked. The elephant in the room (fear) remained no matter how many times I asked it to leave or ignored it.

Thankfully...I noticed my old patterns pretty quickly. And as soon as I did, I realized, something pretty amazing.

This isn't the first time unrelenting fear has descended upon my life. But, it is the first time the entire world has slowed down with me.

Fear isn't your enemy. And one of the best things you can do for your health...for your life, is to learn how to respond to fear.

I've seen so many experts over the last few days instruct, "be smart and careful, but don't panic."

That statement belies the truth that that is one of the hardest balancing acts to navigate.

But, you have an amazing resource to help you learn how to allow fear to guide but not paralyze you - your body!

And we now have a rare (maybe once-in-a-lifetime) to discover this in a world that has slowed down.

So, let's do it together!

I had a special Q&A Chat with my community to talk share actionable tips for doing just that, and the replay is included below for you. 

Watch it to learn: 

  • How movement and exercise help support immune function (and watch for four exercises I share to support lymphatic flow)
  • Tips for movement and breathing practices you can use to get a good night's rest
  • Why you might be feeling insatiable hunger OR no appetite at all, and some mindset practices that can help
  • A practical self-care plan you can put in place right now
  • Tips for breaking the cycle of worry and anxiety

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